It is with great appreciation and gratitude I wish to record that I have benefited with complete recovery from Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy. I had a small pimple size red spot on my leg and it started growing big in no time with pain while standing during work hours, I had seen the best Skin Specialist in three top hospitals, the specialist failed to identify and diagnose what is that small spot turning into a big area of redness and asked me to undergo Biopsy, whose results were nothing scary, was on medication by various doctors. In severe desperation, I had to see a homeopathy doctor, who again failed me, at this tie I was recommended to Dr. Manoj’s clinic, here I was taken care by the efficient and perfected paramedics and by Dr. Manoj, i was treated and healed in no time. I can profoundly say that I was healed at Dr.Manoj’s Clinic, and i a glad to testify that I trust the treatment given. —Margaret/Reg No:M3/Jan’2016