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  • I was experiencing sharp, stabbing pain in my lower back along with sciatic pain in my left leg. I couldn’t do normal activities and it was difficult to get in and out of bed and even i was unable to stand for 1 minute. I had seen a lumbar specialist who prescribed an MRI and Suggested me to go for Lower Back Surgery Which could effect my back in long run. At that time I came to Dr.Manoj and once I started taking the Medicines Prescribed by Dr.Manoj I was able to gain back my mobility and comfort. I am able to stand and sit without spasms of pain, as well as get out of bed in the morning without any Pain ! I would recommend Dr.Manoj Homeopathy to anyone experiencing back pain. Thank You Dr.Manoj For relieving me from my pain.. Prashanth Philomen,August 2015

  • My health improved by 65%.Overall im feeling better now.I still fell some stomach bloating and acidity ( uneasiness). Iam still continuing the medicine.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Raghavendra, August 2015

  • Dearest Dr.Manoj, I have no words adequate enough to express my gratitude & awe. For the very first time since his illness that started 2 years ago, my son says he feels better & can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. He is sooooooo much better. It is such a blessing to have my son back. The depression is almost gone. It only bothers him occasionally, but is not that intense. What bothers him now is fatigue & a lack of motivation. He does try, but struggles with it. Also, he has been having tummy upsets off & on. Thank you so very much for all that you do. You are amazing & it is a blessing to know you. My son is racking his brain to figure out how he can tell the world about you, so you can save the world from depression. He says he suffered so much with it in the past year, & cannot imagine how some people live their entire life struggling with it, & taking meds that only make them feel worse. His Friends & his psychiatrist are amazed at what they see, when they meet him now. Your name & website has gone viral. This has been an eyeopener for all these non-believers who think homeopathy is a joke or some kind of witch craft (yes, I have been told that too. Ignorance amazes me). Not only did the homeopathy work, it worked where all else failed. Maybe this was the purpose behind his illness. If that is what it takes to convince & educate people, so be it. Someone had a 'whatever rocks your boat' kind of attitude, & it was delightful to see my son argue & convince him, & give him a sense of ignorance enough to cause him to research more about homeopathy. Of course, a lot also depends on who the homeopath is. Thank you for being you. God bless you & your family always, Mrs.John, Aug, 2015

  • Am being treated for psoriasis. After taking the medicines, the itching has been reduced considerably, which is good. Regards, sanjaya

  • Dear Doctor, Migrane attacks 70% better. skin rashes 50%. hairfall 30% Thanks & Regards, Bandana Baruah,Aug, 2015

  • I have been taking medication for psoriasis. The results are positive and a remarkable reduction in the patches.   Thanks, Ram, Aug, 2015

  • Thank you doctor, now my problem is resolved with your treatment

  • There is great improvement concerning my daughters symptoms. She is lot more cheerful. She has shed her weight by 6kgs which is very remarkable.  I should assess the progress as 60%. Thank you and best regards, A George, Aug 2015

  • Hello Doctor, This is Sarika from Bangalore. I am very glad to inform you that i have noticed positive changes in my body after following Dr.Manojs Homeopathy treatment. Regards,

  • I am very happy with the treatment, Thank you Doctor - Ramesh

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Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy is run by a team of highly talented Homeopathic doctors headed by Dr. Manoj Kuriakose.

Homeopathy is known to heal the disease from its root which could take a long time.Dr Manoj’s aim is to heal his patients in the shortest possible time as he understands that in this modern age with the ever changing trends in lifestyles,time,is the only absolute and most precious commodity.Hence he has developed his unique way of relieving patients of their suffering from the core while maintaining the good old efficacy of homeopathy.

Dr Manoj has developed this website so that you can sit in the comfort of your office or home in any part of the world and have your consultation with the doctor.Our online consultation have been framed in such a way that the experience would be AS GOOD AS meeting the doctor personally.For those wanting to consult Dr Manoj in person are most welcome to visit our clinic with a prior appointment during the clinic timings.

During the 25 years of our endeavour,thousands of patients with various ailments have walked out with satisfaction.This ensures Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy as a very trusted and effective name in Homeopathy.

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