Homeopathy Treatments For Claustrophobia

Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy Treatments For Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed places. It is fear of not having an easy escape route and often leads to panic attacks.


– Traumatic childhood experience (such as being trapped in a small space during a childhood game)

– Unpleasant experiences(such as being stuck in an elevator)


  • – Fear of restriction
  • – Fear of suffocation
  • – Removes clothing during attacks
  • – Sweating
  • – Increased heartbeat
  • – Nausea
  • – Fainting
  • – Light-headedness
  • – Shaking
  • – Hyperventilation
  • – A fear of actual imminent physical harm

Claustrophobics dislikes small rooms,locked rooms,cars, tunnels, cellars, elevators, subway trains, aeroplanes, caves, crowded areas,sitting in a barbers chair, waiting in line at a grocery store and undergoing an MRI or a cat scan,simply out of a fear of confinement to a single space.
They are not afraid of these areas but,they fear what could happen to them should they become confined to an area.<

In extreme cases, the very sight of a closed door can lead to feelings of anxiety in the individual.
Claustrophobia can have crippling social and psychological effects since the patient will often avoid situations in which she thinks she will have an anxiety attack, leading to isolation and depression.

Questionnaire for Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is not an illness and we can help an individual control the condition with the help of homeopathic remedies and counselling. We have specific remedies for the fear of travel in trains, aeroplanes, closed rooms etc.We have been able to help patients over come their fears completely.

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  • If there is any rating agency to recognize Homeopathy clinic services being provided across the country I would rate Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy as one of the best in terms using treatment procedures, technology, approach towards storing and packing of medicine and fixing dose along with proper booklet...

  • Greetings! After the regular usage of your homeopathic remedies,I am feeling good and comfortable. Right now, even if I get into a crowded condition I am able to manage myself without fear.My Claustrophobic symptoms have been reduced upto 40%. I sincerely trust you further for my above said probl...

  • One of the best Homeopathy clinic in hyderabad.I found this in website and i was not sure about the treatment and went there directly without consulting anybody. I was treated by Dr. Bhanu Madhav.He is very patient, caring and understanding..His treatment was very helpful and gave me effective re...

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