Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy Treatments For Costochondritis

Costochondritis is a condition that causes chest pain due to inflammation of the cartilage and bones in the chest wall.It occurs when there is inflammation at the cartilage joining the rib bone and sternum(breastbone).

Costochondritis is relatively harmless condition,and usually goes away without treatment.

Common causes includes:

  • – traumatic injury(accidents),
  • – overuse injury in athletes,
  • – infections after surgery,
  • – Viral infections,
  • – usually upper respiratory infections.


Pain over the front part of the upper chest(area of the sternum).
Pain usually worsened by the activity or exercise,often worsened when taking deep breath,or while coughing.This stretches the inflamed cartilage and causes severe pain.
Pain may be radiated to shoulder or arms or back and abdomen.
Swelling of the tissue that surround the bone(sternum)
Tenderness when pressing on the ribs.
Costochondritis is often mistaken for heart attack pain.The pain of a heart attack feels as if its coming from under your sternum and is often more wide spread, while caustochondritis pain seems to come from the sternum itself and is focused.

Questionnaire for Costochondritis

Our Homeopathic remedeis help in treating the tenderness and pain in the chest by reducing the inflammation without any side effects.The underlying infection is completely treated and recurrence is prevented. If the pain is chronic or more frequent,it is advised to use our remedies regularly for a longer period of time.

All that you need to do is to answer the questions below to get consultation for your treatment.


  • My daughter is improving a lot and had no vomiting , cough, even last month she had outside food , cold items ice cream, she is well she didn't had any health issues almost 95% better results after ur treatment. Appreciate u and ur service thanks for understanding the right problem and giving the...

  • Got medications for allergies. I should say I hardly got sinus and allergies Thanks for your treatment so far. We are extremely happy with everything Nikhil/R.NO: N1266/May '2017

  • I have improved a lot,No fever, no mucous formation in my throat/nose even if i took lassi, cold drinks continuously. Have started taking cold drinks &  Surprisingly, no pain/soreness in my throat. Otherwise, everything is fine. Thanking you, Karabi/Reg No:K-546/ April 2017

  • My capacity to eat/ drink cold stuff has improved by 20% at least. The medicines are definitely helping- Sanjay/Aug'2015

  • My daughter is doing fine (90%) and did not fall sick since she is been on Homeo treatment. —N.Nair/Reg No:N1054/May'2016

  • I am using this medicine from past 4 months, and what i have found till now is that if i contnue my medicine then the hair fall is not happening. --Lokesh

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