COVID 19: Fear Not!

Fear is surely creeping into all of us. We stand as the 5th country with the highest number of Covid cases in the world, and we are climbing that ladder. It is natural for fear to grip us at such times, but as long as we don't let it turn into panic, we are safe.

The fact is, though we are climbing steadily in terms of the number of positive cases, the people dying of Covid are only 3%, which means, about 3 out of 100 succumb to the disease; these 3% are people above the age of 65 and, people with underlying health conditions.

If we look at these figures, it will take away the horror from the Covid attack. In India, a disease like cancer is so wide spread; the statistics of people who die of cancer stands at 7%, which is more than double that of Covid cases. We have lived with cancer for ages, this is not as big a threat as cancer for sure, in terms of losing life.

For those 97% who don't fall in the risk group, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of the Covid. It will not affect you. It is just like getting a cold, and cough. Haven't you in the past so many years approached me for a cold, cough, fever, body pains etc for yourself, or your family, and haven't I been able to help you out with our medicines? It is the same even now; nothing changes just because there is a name of Covid attached to this. Yes, it is as simple as that.

The worry is of course the elders, and those with underlying illnesses. This is a personal battle you have with the Covid to protect them. Do everything you can to protect them, like I have mentioned in my previous messages. The Government, and everyone around is telling you how to do it, all you need to do is follow the instructions given, and they will stay safe too.

Even if you do become Covid positive, DO NOT WORRY, I am there for you and I will take care of you. This does not by any ways mean that you can be careless and throw caution to wind!

If you come across anyone who is Covid positive, you can confidently tell them to visit their Homeopath, and let me assure you from my past experiences, and with the reports pouring in from all over the country about the effectiveness of Homeopathy in Covid, that Homeopathy will definitely help!

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose