Village vapsi

We dont trust the air we breathe anymore

We have been declared as the 4th country in the world with the maximum Covid cases, and we are still climbing. This to me looks like a race to the top, which we are fully capable of reaching.

Yes, fear is all around; we have taken for granted the very air we breathed around us all our lives which now unfortunately cannot be trusted anymore. We are covering our faces with masks, using sanitisers, and not going out, primarily because there could be Covid infection in the air.

What do we do in such a situation?

Like I said earlier, caution is the only way forward. We need to live sensibly, and take care of our elders and those with underlying conditions. I am sure most of you own a home in your village. Why not move the older people and those with underlying conditions to the village?

Advantages of moving to the village

Trust me, the village is the only place where the air right now is safe, with a less number of people there and where social distancing can truly be followed.

For those of you who are working from home, why not invest in a good internet connection in your village, and you work from the village too. Your spouse if possible can work from home too at the village.

Your children are anyway having online classes, they will not just continue to attend classes online, but will experience the connect with the nature. They will know the smell of the earth, especially during the monsoons, they can get wet in the rain, walk barefoot on the ground, have true organic food and lots of area to play and run around, all of which will help improve their immunity too. This could be the best chance for you and your family to go back to your roots and experience village life, which am sure has helped most people who have grown up in their villages.

Give it a thought, you working 8 hours at your job, and the rest of the time can be spent outdoors with family. You could also help the villagers and the village with your intelligence, may be financially too.

Those who are working outside India, anyways you are working from home; give your company an offer, tell them to pay you half the salary if need be, but you will work from your village. Imagine how much you can contribute to your family, your village, and in turn your nation. You will now argue about non availability of hospitals close to the villages; my question to you is, have people in the villages not survived for centuries, that too the older people? Under the present situation, where Covid infections would be the maximum in hospitals, the older ones are better off without visiting a hospital.

As more and more cases are being reported, we are doing everything possible from our side to help. Those of you who have not had the Homeopathic preventive, please make sure you take them and also make sure people whom you know also take it.

If you do come across anyone positive for Covid, please contact your nearest Homeoapth, who will surely be of help!

Take care,stay safe

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose